Spanish Expat Insurance – Taylor Francis Insurance Ltd

One of our senior executives, Ivan Goddard, is based full time in Murcia and has been living in Spain for several years. It became clear to him very quickly that many British expats struggled to get proper cover for their properties in Spain, and often felt uncomfortable with policy wordings written in Spanish and worry about the level of cover.

Taylor Francis Insurance Brokers are a well-established professional firm based in the UK with offices in Buckinghamshire and Wales, and now Murcia. We have access to several markets who are able to cover your property in Spain, but are UK markets written from our UK office with English wordings. Both insurer and broker are authorised and regulated by the FCA, and our Spanish based customers still have the protection of the UK Ombudsman as the policy was written in the UK. Premiums can also be paid from a UK bank account on direct debit and would be taken in GBP.

In addition to your Spanish property, we can also arrange cover for you UK based assets such as properties that are now rented out, or indeed unoccupied.

Our unique service means that you will have the benefit of UK based providers, policy wordings written in English, ability to pay from your UK accounts, but still with the benefit of a locally based experiences executive based out of Murcia.

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