Directors and Officers – Taylor Francis Insurance Brokers

Directors and officers insurance (D&O) is often the most overlooked area of cover that most businesses don’t bother covering themselves for but do require, especially in the litigious society we live in these days.

Unlike most other insurances, D&O is taken out by the company but is designed solely to protect owners, directors and seniors manager personally. There are many situations where an incident may happen and someone will look to pursue an individual personally rather than the company, or in most cases both! A classic example would be a serious breach in health and safety resulting in serious injury or death of an employee. The employers liability cover will deal with the compensation aspect of the incident, but what if the HSE comes after the H&S manager personally? Often this individual could face hefty fines or imprisonment. D&O cover is there to help protect that individual.

This is a relatively inexpensive item that all companies should be considering. We have extensive market access to many of the top UK insurers for D&O as well as many other providers, so whatever your set up we should be able to help.